Important Persons of Aigina

Important Persons of Aigina


The first king and settler of Aigina was, according to mythology, the son of Zeus and nymph Aigina, the latter gave her name to the island. Aigina was the daughter of Asopos River and Metopi, Zeus was attracted by Aigina and therefore he took the shape of an eagle and flew to the Island of Saronikos more

Dionysios Aiginitis

Dionysios Aiginitis was born in Aigina in 1818 and his real name was Dionysios Chatzis. However, he chose to use the name of his place of origin as his surname and with this name he was referred to in history. He had the opportunity to have Neofytos Doukas and Georgios Gennadios as teachers in Aigina and Athens more


The family name Aiginitis is a declaration of origin that many fighters had during the revolution in 1821, since Aigina was always in a proximity to the revolutionary processes and the developments that took more