Agistri Island

Someone might say that Agkistri is the young sibling of Aigina. The similarities in the natural environment, the proximity of the two islands that connects their history and fate are some of the reasons. On the other hand, Agkistri is covered with forests and has beautiful beaches with adequate tourist infrastructures that can offer the visitor a sense of isolation and relaxation, which Aigina lacks due to the cosmopolitan aura on the island, especially during the summer.

Agistri Island

Agkistri Settlements - Beaches

Agkistri Settlements Beaches
Agkistri is a small island with rich vegetation and low altitude. The bas-relief of the island creates all kinds of creeks; from big sandy beaches to beaches with pebbles or small rocky naturally-shaped bays. In most cases the pine forests end by the sea.more

Agkistri Historical Data

Agkistri does not have much of a history. In the antiquity the name of the island was Kekryfaleia. There are not many testimonies regarding the island, although it was mentioned by various historians...more